Ed- admin has been a real help in coordinating our administration and teachers administration. Some of our teachers now complain of being bored at the end of term; end of term mark coordination and reports used to be a frantic time, not any more. We love the openness of information and the accessibility of necessary information and reports to managers. Managers now don’t have to leave their offices to gather relevant information on pupils and staff. We are really enjoying the application.
Stewart Bradford
Operations Manager, St Charles College
We have been using Ed-admin since January 2012 and initially had a plan to implement certain items over a three year period. The system seems to have taken off and we have completed most implementation and staff training in just 2 years. Ed-admin is extremely user friendly. Staff at Ed-admin are very keen to make changes if they are needed and very open to new ideas that we might need in order for our school to run smoothly. We would like to thank Ed-admin and staff for the support over the past two years.
Vanda Howard
Database Manager, Elkanah House
We are thrilled that we made the move to Ed-admin for our school management software  a little over 2 years ago.  It has empowered users to be able to complete their work with ease, gain confidence to increase their skills and open them up to new technological possibilities. Coming from a development background, I have been tasked with looking at many of the different school management software products available.   This is the only product I have found where the underlying structure is very sound, and full of integrity.  This allows Ed-admin developers to constantly be adding new features without breaking old ones like most of the other software I have looked into.  This product is highly scalable, and very flexible.  There is a model for every type of school use imaginable, that gets implemented with a few settings on their side to give you a product that is tailored to your school model. It is exciting that Ed-admin is continually anticipating new drives within schools, and working on functionality to accommodate new ideas so that the product is always supporting the schools in their growth.  Ed-admin is also able to custom develop any functionality that is not catered for and is specific to your school if needed. Ed-admin covers all functions and departments within the school management.  I believe that this product is only going to get better still, and should be the top of everyone’s list when they are looking at school management software.
Shelley Dawe
Systems Analyst, Thomas More College
Of all the solutions available, Ed-admin continues to serve Clifton with an excellent, robust product. Ed-admin have continually provided professional support over the years!
Leo Stagg
IT Manager, Clifton Preparatory School
Ed-admin has given users the power to quickly and effortlessly work on the system and complete what is required via an easy and user-friendly interface, which is accessed at school or remotely; full functionality is always available via any web-enabled device. Staff can communicate with parents, students and each other via the system, have integrated mark books, can manage their extra murals etc. Parents and students are using their respective portals to update details, view statements and reports. Plus we can customize whatever extra we need!
Heinrich Hildebrand
IT Director, Dainfern College
Ed-admin has assisted us tremendously in managing our school – its ease of use for admin, IT and teaching staff makes the product ideal in our unique environment. By incorporating the financial modules, we have made financial management more transparent for our finance and management staff, as well as more accessible for our parents. When implementing Ed-admin, we saved on costs and combined the use of three programs into one. The software has been stable and the Ed-admin team continually updates and develops the program to both our needs as well as the needs of any modern school. We have been using Ed-admin for over 2 years now and haven’t looked back.
Thomas Adams
IT Administrator, Drakensberg Boys Choir School