Customer support is at the core of Entimex and careful hiring, continual monitoring and regular feedback has always been crucial to our business. One question we get asked quite frequently is ‘Why do you offer ticket support through a client portal?’ The instinctive short answer is, ‘Because it’s better than phone support’. For a more in-depth answer, read on…

No hanging around on hold

Software development is a highly technical industry and even problems which may seem simple on the surface can be incredibly complex, particularly as there are a range of advanced systems and networks involved.

Ticket support means you don’t have to wait around on hold whilst someone checks something or tries to find out the latest information on an issue. Instead, you’ll receive a detailed response as soon as there is something new to report, or a practical, human response on the cause and its resolution.

Fits in with your day (or night)

Our ticket system allows us to investigate any issues and questions whilst letting you carry on with your life as normal – you’re not stuck on hold or queuing. We respond to your ticket with any details we can provide and you pick up the answers and reply whenever suits you best. You don’t need to cancel plans or meetings, end up having to hang up halfway through a resolution or make an awkward switch from office landline to home phone – the info is waiting for you in your emails and account whenever you need to refer to it.

Easy-to-follow instructions

It’s much easier to follow step by step instructions when they’re written down, especially if they are lengthy or contain unfamiliar terms and acronyms. You don’t need to ask for something to be repeated or remember to write notes – our ticketing system means you have a complete, detailed step-by-step guide written for you that you can refer back to at any time.

Optimum internal efficiency

One key feature of our support ticketing system is the ability for staff to add internal messages to client tickets. This means that different consultants can log queries and updates and make comments to other staff members that don’t interfere with direct responses to you. Having all this information contained in the same place ensures that any consultant coming into the ticket is completely up to date with all the latest developments and progress made and knows who else is involved internally. All the information about the issue can be efficiently passed to the person/team directly responsible for working on it, rather than relying on word of mouth communication.

This also means that written confirmation is easy to obtain; it’s already integrated into the process. If we need to ask your permission for something, e.g. to log into your server, it can be asked via ticket with written proof on both sides that we’ve asked and you’ve agreed.

Better security

As you need to be logged into your account to raise a ticket, there’s an extra layer of security to protect you.

Access complete historical logs

It’s easy for you and all of our support team to browse the past communication you’ve had with us. This cuts down on the questions we need to ask and also means you can easily find out who you spoke to, when and what they said. If you need to revisit a past ticket to repeat particular troubleshooting steps or find out how we helped you resolve a problem that’s reoccurred, you can find the information you need easily. It’s all there for you to access as you wish.

Support tailored to you

Accessing prior communication means that our support team can tailor their responses to your needs. If you’re not technical, they can provide additional explanation and define terms. On the other hand, if you have a high level of understanding, you won’t feel like you’re being talked down to.

No need to repeat yourself

Written records of your contact with us means you don’t have to explain your issue repeatedly to different people – any support person has access to all past discussions and all the details they need in front of them. This also means you don’t need to remember who said what and when they said it.

Get the best person for the job

As tickets can be passed internally between staff members, you get support from the person best positioned to answer your query. Whilst all staff are fully trained on all our products, platforms and services, people naturally tend to specialise in one area or another, or have more experience in one area than another. Getting the best person for your specific query saves everyone time.

Fast, genuine responses

The biggest reasons that people are reluctant to choose a company with ticket support is because they think they’ll be fobbed off or given cut and paste robotic responses. That’s not true with us. All our support staff are human beings with human, hand-typed responses; as you’ll have probably seen, they’re not above the odd typo!

It’s easy for you to give feedback

Our ticket system has a built-in ratings feature so you can rate the support you receive on an individual, per-response basis. Feedback stats are sent out to everyone in the company on a weekly basis, and any low-scoring tickets are reviewed to see how responses could have been improved. Each quarter, the member of the support team with the highest average is rewarded for their efforts.

Effective collaboration in a focused environment

Members of the support team are based remotely from each other however this does not affect us aiming to respond to tickets within 24 hours (in many cases tickets are raised and resolved within fifteen minutes from start to finish). Our consultants are kept up to date with the latest changes and developments in addition we have a solid learning atmosphere and an environment that encourages questions and teamwork to provide effective resolutions.

We understand exactly how important support is to our customers, which is why it’s vital that our team has a strong, efficient system that works and that the vast majority of our clients prefer. That’s why we made the decision to focus our efforts on offering fast, helpful and free ticket support.